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Laura Brown

  • Dr. Finkenberg / Spine
I’m so glad I made it back to Dr. Finkenberg, He was my 1st surgeon. Unfortunately, I have a lot of problems with my spine. My 2nd & 3rd spine surgeries were done by Neurosurgeons. When an unavoidable 4th came up (disk collapsed above last fusion & screws loose in my cage, of sorts) I chose Dr Finkenberg.. he was my 3rd & final opinion on the 4th spine surgery I needed and why. I had 3 different metals in my back & it reacted kind of like a battery would. The loose screws often felt like I had a Charlie horse in my back. I am 2.5 weeks post op now. I don’t wanna say too much too soon but from the gate I could tell that the surgery was different and that it worked. I’m almost positive. 🤞🏻 I am still a little bit numb, and my back is swollen, & I can’t do anything but let it fuse at the moment. Also, he’s set up all kinds of different care for me here at home. From showers to bone growth stimulation treatments. ~I will update this post later~ on how it does or doesn’t work for me... someone with Osteoporosis. It’s been a godsend since I live alone. I hope that this helps someone going through the same thing... I hope you 🫵🏻 have the same experience as I.✨🪷🍁🧜🏻‍♀️ Pain ruled every aspect of my life. It’s no way to live. The surgery Dr. Finkenberg just performed on me worked...I know it did. I can tell & I'm beyond excited & relieved. Thank youuuuuu!

Rebecca G

  • Dr. Finkenberg / Lumbar laminectomy with subtotal discectomy
Rebecca G
After 14yrs of bedside nursing, I was suffering from severe spinal stenosis of the L4/L5 with sciatica and numbness below the knee. I had surgery in October 2021 and this was the best decision I could have made. Six months post-op and I’m proud to say I completed a 100 mile walk for St Jude’s this past April. In fact, I walked 200 miles in those 30 days! I owe my renewed mobility to Dr Finkenberg. Thanks to you, I am meeting (and exceeding) my goals. I am forever grateful to you for giving me my mobility back!! Stay well!

Miriam Kagen

  • Finkenberg / Spine
Whomever has written negative reviews has NOT seen the Dr. Finkenberg who’s been treating me for over 1 1/2 years. I trust him implicitly to provide excellent, honest care. He is patient, answers all my questions and does listen to my concerns. When a surgeon tells you he will not operate unless he has an 85% chance of improving my condition, he’s exactly the provider I want.

Sharlan Theobald

  • Dr. Jacobson
I just want to say thank you to Theresa you are always so helpful and the staff you are all great, so friendly and caring. Dr. Jacobson you are wonderful. Bedside manor is above and beyond. Always goes that extra mile to make sure you understand exactly what he is saying to you, answers all questions in a language I understood not high tech words I never heard of before. I will be recommending your office to anyone who thinks about knee surgery. Thank you for the great job you did on my knee I’m grateful to you to be walking again.

Mark Larson

  • Shoulder/Elbow
Dr Rynning is not only a great orthopedic surgeon but a down to earth wonderful human being. I have been a patient of his for a few years and he advised waiting to have shoulder surgery until we had exhausted the other non-surgical options (what surgeon does that) prior to surgically repairing my shoulder. Now fast forward 18 months and I have an issue with my elbow, I try my primary Dr and was told to go to urgent care because of no available appointments so I called Dr Rynning’s office, explained what was going on and was seen and treated for a elbow infection the next day. Dr Rynning and his staff are excellent, and I highly recommend them for your orthopedic needs. Mark

Renee Neville

  • Fractured Femur
My 89 year old mother fractured her femur. Dr. Jacobson got us in to see him right away. He connected with the ER and had them put her in a bay right away to keep her away from Covid patients. He explained everything and recommended that she have 2 pins put in. It’s a small incision and she’ll be able to walk right away. We’ve been treated well. Her surgery is tonight and we expect it to go well. I highly recommend him.

Karon F

  • Hips
Dr. Bates was committed to helping me keep my hip working as well as possible, for as long as possible. When replacement surgery was the only good option , the Surgery was Trouble-Free. Speedy Recovery. Within 3 months, I was walking as effortless as everyone else. I owe Dr. Bates a debt of Deep Gratitude. btw, Medicare and TriCare had no problems with the pre-approval and subsequent billings.

Laurie Bianchi

  • Chronic Back Pain
Many of the reviews on here are ratings based on Dr. Finkenberg's personality or his outwardly obvious concern for patients. When I first met him, I was also a bit concerned that he was able to diagnose my issues so quickly and had little time for chitchat. What I found out was he simply knows what he's doing and does not have a gift for small talk. I thought my life was over, and this man eliminated 90 percent of my pain an hour after surgery. Chronic pain brings you to low, dark places over time, and Dr. Finkenberg literally brought light back into my life. I will always be grateful for his unique style and, more importantly, his skill and knowledge. That's what matters in an outstanding surgeon. Thank you!

Todd N

  • Fractured Hip
My father was hospitalized and isolated during the Covid19 pandemic of 2020 due to a fractured hip. In addition to being the only physician to return my calls in a timely, professional and empathetic manner, Dr. Jacobson also performed the necessary, life saving surgery! Many an intern could learn from his skilled, yet humble approach. As well as earning my trust and respect, Dr. Jacobson also has my thanks.

Dylan Ranson

  • Shoulder
Dr. Rynning did a surgery for my mother 2 months or so back and he did a fabulous job. He was very kind and amazing to my mother which I'm very thankful for. I'm really happy This guy was able to help my mother with what she needed.

Tamisha Lake

  • Shoulder Surgery
First of all Dr. Rynning is truly a health hero in my eyes!! After two years of dealing with a shoulder injury which included surgery, months of Physical Therapy and pain management that I thought would never end I was finally referred to Dr. Rynning. He sat with me and listened to everything I had to say. He let me cry and told me that I had come to see the right person and that he was going to do his best to help me. I couldn't believe that someone had actually taken the time to listen me and most of all he actually heard me! Within a few weeks he had worked his magic. I had surgery and he had found a whole slew of problems that was causing all of my pain. Dr. Rynning then sent me to P.T. with an awesome therapist Katie and now three months later and 95% pain free. Dr. Rynning truly is an amazing person and surgeon. He truly has given me back my fun and loving spirit that I thought was gone forever. He is a true miracle worker and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thank you Dr. Rynning for giving me my life back!!

Theresa Smith

  • Hip
I met Dr. Jacobson and some of his staff on Tuesday 11/3/2020 and my visit was amazing. Dr. Jacobson spent time with me and it was great for a change to get such amazing attention to my hip bursitis flare ups. The gals I met were awesome!

George Cretton

  • Left Clavicle
I suffered a comminuted fracture of my left clavicle as a result of a bicycle crash. My personal physician referred me to Dr. Rynning along with another orthopedic surgeon. I read the bio’s of both and settled on Dr. Rynning, largely on comments of his commitment and concern for his patients, notwithstanding the fact that both were highly, highly qualified. My injury required surgery which was performed as an outpatient. I can’t say enough good things about this doctor. He has treated me so well and did such a magnificent job in repairing my broken clavicle and the scar is virtually invisible. I have great confidence in Dr. Rynning and wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to anyone needing the type of services he offers. He’s the best!

Tracey D.

  • ACDF
Tracey D.
I recently had neck surgery a week ago from a fall a few years ago with Dr. Finkenburg. He is a very good surgeon and has much experience with spinal surgery and is highly regarded by his peers and those who work with him at the hospital. I researched him very extensively before choosing to have the surgery. He was very good to speak with and first suggested other means to relieve my pain which I liked a more conservative approach. After exhausting all options and reviewing current xrays and mri he said surgery was necessary. He explained what needed to be done and answered all questions and put me at ease the appt before my surgery. He’s truly an asset to his field and I highly recommend him for spinal surgery. I’m recovering now and can tell the surgery has helped already. I also want to say his office staff Stephanie, Deja, Lisa and the insurance individual at their office (sorry can’t remember her name) I think Karen as I’m so bad with names were very nice and have always treated me very well. Thank you all for everything.

Philip Gialanella

  • Shoulder
Dr.Ralph! I can’t say enough about this man is amazing! From start to finish, an all around great and professional experience. He makes you feel so comfortable about your situation, the procedure and the outcome. Don’t think twice - this is your man!
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